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Heavy Items

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  • Heavy Items

Heavy-duty shelving system for every working environment

  • Functional, durable, and cost-effective
  • Limitless scope to create customized storage facilities
  • Modular design for easy assembly
  • Front and rear box section design offers superior load-bearing strength and rigidity
  • The brilliantly designed shelf support clip slots easily into the upright frame which gives firm support for the heaviest of loads, but you can easily re-position the shelves if your needs change
  • Perfect for engineering and production use
  • Can also be used to provide multi-tier picking solutions with walkways, handrails and up and over pallet gates
  • A range of accessories are available: Plastic Drawer System, Louvre Panels, Garment Hanging, Steel Drawers, Lockable Cupboard Doors

Longspan Shelving

  • Cost effective, flexible solution for all manner of items on hand-loaded shelving
  • Ideal for archival storage
  • Can even be used to support a mezzanine floor
  • Includes standard chipboard shelves, but steel and mesh decks and dividers, rebated beams and mesh back cladding are available as optional upgrades

We always carry out a site visit to assess your storage needs correctly before making a recommendation.

At Linear, we believe that our racking and shelving should be future proof and modular, so it can grow and change with your business. This is why before we start to design the correct storage solution for you, we aim to find out what you may need in the future.

We would be delighted to talk to you about our space planning service. Our wealth of experience will ensure you maximize the storage potential of a warehouse area, whilst providing a safe and efficient workspace for your staff.