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The system is similar to a pallet rack in as much as it consists of ready-made frames (open or closed using glossy, stove-enamelled steel panels at the sides). The frames are joined together by longitudinal bracing at given intervals to ensure stability.

The shelves are set on unique support clips giving firm support for even the heaviest loads and are available in lengths from 1000mm up to 1250mm and in depths from 300mm to 800mm. Loads of up to 250kg per shelf can be stored. Shelves with non-standard dimensions are also possible in larger quantities! Pierced shelves for fitting steel dividers are also available. Further accessories include rear cladding, bin fronts, floor trims, etc.


At Pebdea Services our sole, guiding principle is to offer our customers a wide range of high quality products, at low prices, in a straightforward and efficient manner. We look for a long term business relationship with all customers, till now; we’ve supplied and have stable customers all over the country.

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