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Pebdea are distributors and installers of  various Compactus movable shelving systems, which effectively utilize available space by increasing storage capacity while simultaneously adding additional workstations. Because of the modular design and wide choice of accessories offered by our mobile shelving systems, these shelving system may be easily expanded. Both manual and modern “soft touch” control methods for mobile shelving systems have been created for the safe and simple opening of  Office cabinets.


Utilize affordable solutions that are designed to offer flexible, effective document filing and retrieval to free up valuable floor space or double your storage capacity.

Planning the storage for archives, libraries, and museums should take into account space, aesthetics, and organization. Items must be readily available, and any system created must be flexible enough to meet changing needs. Due to their adaptability, modularity, and durability, our storage systems offer long-lasting solutions and are the best choice for this.

Any storage system provided can be perfectly customized to your needs by adding a variety of accessories, some of which are made especially for use in libraries, museums, and archives.


Storage solutions that maximize storage and workflow are frequently needed for archive repositories. Our mobile archive shelving is simple to use and can easily double an archive facility’s storage capacity. It can be operated manually or electronically.

A floating aisle eliminates the need for several aisles and offers quick and simple access to stored documents, freeing up more room for storage. By restricting access to particular aisles and locking mobile units together, a more secure system may be created, assuring the safety of papers with restricted access.


Leading manufacturer in metal shelves, mobile shelves, filing cabinets, fireproof metal shelves and racks. Library shelves and even heavy duty for warehouses.  Also, dealer in plastic and storage bin and vegetable crates.



Our shelving solutions can be utilized in libraries for both back-of-the-house centralized storage archives and front-of-house public access operations. Shelving may be tailored to meet the décor of your library thanks to an attractive design and a variety of finish options.

The device has optional perforations that can provide ventilation and aid in the preservation of books and paperwork. The system is adaptable and versatile, and it will neatly fit into almost any needed arrangement, even around problematic things like pillars and ventilation shafts. When space is at a premium, as is sometimes the case in libraries when more books are added, mobile choices are available.


From bulky and unwieldy items such as paintings and sculptures to smaller items such as jewelry and medals, museum storage can cover a huge and diverse collection of objects and materials. With a huge number of racking systems and a full range of shelving systems for any application, as well as comprehensive integrated accessories specifically designed for use in museums, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution to your museum storage needs.

We provide mobile and static storage solutions for museums and galleries; schools and libraries and medical and legal record stores.

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